Bringing Cookbooks to Life...


"As I look at the spines of the cookbooks piled high on my kitchen shelves, the pages from within them come alive as I remember what I cooked from each and when. Flashes of family gatherings over a hearty stew, drinks with finger food far too big and the smell of fresh bread in my oven. It is so easy these days to click online to find a recipe in an instant but nothing beats turning the page of a good cookbook to be truly inspired.

The joy of immersing oneself into the whole story of a recipe, to understand where it came from and getting to know the author through their food is so inspiring.

That's why we had the idea to create the Cookbook Festival  - so we can bring cookery books to life. We hope you will join us and meet the authors, taste their recipes, take part in a workshop or simply sit back and enjoy the food!"

Lucy Cufflin, Chair of the Cookbook Festival organising committee.


The Team


Lucy Cufflin

Lucy Cufflin has been a professional chef for over 20 years, during which time she has accrued an extensive culinary portfolio. A master of kitchen shortcuts, Lucy has written several cookbooks.


Fran Warde

Fran Warde's career has been fuelled by a passion for food. Trained as a chef, she worked at the Café Royal, on an Australian prawn trawler, ran her own cookery school and then moved into food styling and food writing. 

Jo Pratt

Jo Pratt is an acclaimed writer, cook, food stylist and presenter. She is a best selling author of eight cookbooks, including In the Mood for Food, Madhouse Cookbook, Flexible Vegetarian and most recently Flexible Pescatarian.

Donna Freed

Donna worked variously as a translator, in television, interior design in New York. Since coming to the UK, she is a writer as well as a presenter and producer for Radio Gorgeous, the UK's oldest all-female podcast.

Abi Pitcher

A serious foodie who loves to cook and read about food (and wine). Abi runs specialist design agency Barlow & Co., based in Chiswick. They focus on branding and packaging for wine and spirits and more recently food.


Lucy Lee-Tirrell

With an excellent cook for a mother, Lucy Lee-Tirrell's love of food started young. She's cooked medieval banquets in a pub garage for office parties and fancy dinners in a stately home for royalty. Since cooking professionally she has worked with Lucy Cufflin cooking and writing and loves every minute of it.

Vix Evans

After a career in radio and tv production at the BBC and Sky, Vix now runs and owns City Kids Magazine, the print and online 'bible' for West London families. Food is never far from her thoughts!

Sarah Cruz

An award winning graphic designer specialising in branding and packaging. Sarah is the co-founder of Abundance London ( and the designer of the Chiswick Timeline mural (


Yuka Caves

After a 20 years career in financial markets, Yuka trained and qualified in Japan's finest culinary style, Kaiseki, in Tokyo. Yuka currently teaches these skills in a cookery school and at private events, in addition to promoting the cuisine at exhibitions.

Jules Kane

A passionate foodie, Jules attended Leith's at 16 and hasn't left the food industry since, she worked with Alastair Little and ran a Devon Gastro pub before settling in with Crucial Food, a Chiswick based healthy eating company.

Silla Bjerrum

Silla Bjerrum is a renowned sushi chef and restaurateur who has been involved with Japanese cuisine in the UK since the mid-nineties. Silla co-founded the UK's first sushi delivery service Feng Sushi back in 1999 and ran this business successfully for 15 years.