Kitchen arrangement · October 31, 2022

How to decorate kitchen island?

The kitchen island can be a great place to display your favorite wares. Here are a few ideas to consider. Embossed canisters with wood lids, a wood cake stand, succulents and wood bowls are a few items to consider. You can also add a glass vase for the final finishing touch.

Embossed canisters with wood lids

Decorative canisters are a great way to decorate your kitchen island, and there are many different styles to choose from. These decorative containers are typically made of earthenware and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Green canisters are more appropriate for a lighter-colored kitchen than blue or yellow ones. They feature an embossed vine pattern and airtight lids, and they are available in three different sizes.

Ceramic canisters are another stylish way to add some French country charm to your kitchen. Embossed design and crisp white finish make these containers both functional and decorative. You can use them to store spices, dry foods, and other items. The fluted glass lids add a rustic look to these containers, and the bronze-look metal lids add a touch of elegance.

A set of four decorative canisters is a classic way to decorate a kitchen island. Made from high quality metal, these canisters are easy to clean and can be used for a variety of purposes. They look especially nice in a rustic kitchen and are a great way to organize your dry goods. A set of four large canisters is a great way to store dry goods, such as cereal, while the smaller ones are great for coffee or sugar.

Wooden cake stand

A beautiful wood cake stand for your kitchen island can bring life to your kitchen. This elegant stand is made of wood and features a curved base and a flat, sturdy top. Its curved design is both stylish and functional, and it can accommodate your favorite artisanal baked cakes. If you have limited counter space, this cake stand can fit neatly inside open shelving.

The wood in this stand is also rustic and warm, perfect for a rustic theme. The stand is available at a local Kirkland’s store, although the selection and quantity will vary. A cake stand on a kitchen island is a great way to maximize counter space while displaying baked goods. You can also add decorative objects to it, such as a small vase of flowers or plants.

A splatter-proof cookbook stand is another great option. It features a beechwood base with an adjustable, translucent acrylic panel to protect the pages from smudges. A sculptural pedestal bowl is also a great option for displaying fresh floral arrangements. This bowl was made by artisans in the Philippines. It features wispy, linear details and is adorned with white-washed river rocks and air plants. You can also use spiky succulent plants for the same effect.


Succulents are an excellent choice for decorating your kitchen island. They are low-maintenance and easy to take care of. They are also beautiful and come in many different shapes and colors. They can liven up any kitchen space, whether you’re decorating your island or placing them on a windowsill.

You can even turn an old alarm clock into a succulent timepiece. This unique item will surely catch the attention of your kids. Another good idea is to grow succulents in wooden drawers or railing planters. You can also add a colorful ceramic pot to enhance the appearance of the succulents.

You’ll also need a shallow pot or container with good drainage. A low plant container from a nursery will do, as will a collection of jars. Another great option is a ceramic serving bowl, large shell, or repurposed pottery tray. The bottom layer of the pot should have a drainage hole, because succulents can easily drown in a wet soil.

If you don’t have the money to purchase a special terrarium, you can always make your own. DIY Network has a great tutorial on how to create a succulent terrarium. The DIY Network also has instructions on how to decorate a tabletop with succulents. Using pine cones as pots for succulents is also a creative idea, and it makes a perfect spring or summer project!


If you have a kitchen island, you know how important it is to have the right lighting to illuminate your space. The island serves as the command center for homework, socializing, and cooking, so the right amount of light is key to making it functional and inviting. A good lighting plan incorporates four layers of light to give you the best results.

The size of your light fixtures will play a big role in the overall look of your kitchen island. Choose pendant lights that cover about a quarter to a third of the width of your island. This will provide the most lighting while also becoming a decorative element. In addition, pendants should be placed so that your guests can’t see the light bulb.

You can choose a number of styles of pendant lighting. These can be large and elegant, or more subtle and stylish. If you’re going for a contemporary style, you can also opt for a linear chandelier. Pendant lights are also very versatile, as they can be hung from different levels of the ceiling.

A pendant light in a copper shade would complement the wood cabinet fronts of your kitchen island. You can also opt for retro-style pendant lights. They are quite expensive, but will go well with rustic interior styles. Pendant lights made of forged metal would also complement a modern chic kitchen.